Recover Your Heart


Heart-Based Recovery

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About Roger Schwartz


Our remote processes facilitate the exposure of a person's energy field to faster vibratory fields, such as lovingness, compassion and non-judgment. This in return activates inner self-healing without interfering.


The facilitation that occurs during Energy Work allows a person to see their wounded aspects, begin to reclaim their blocked aspects, step further into a stronger, more unified self, and re-establish a greater connection to their inner divine nature.


Recover Your Heart objective is to assist others in their holistic journey of transformation and self-healing on all levels. Our work promotes consciousness development and a heart-based strengthening of access to inner self-healing abilities. We have utmost respect for this life-altering process and see our work as the expansion of the universal Divine Energy Field within.

What it offers...

Recover Your Heart work focuses on facilitating remote energy work and self-healing modalities for anyone with individual objective of changing their physical, spiritual, or emotional lives through:


- Personal Energy Coaching


- Individual or Group remote energy transmissions


- Remote Energy Clearings (coming soon)


- Webinars (coming soon)


- Meditation Tools (coming soon)



Roger was born in 1957 and raised in northeast Wisconsin U.S., eldest of a farm family of eight children.


A whirlwind experience with addiction, focused primarily on alcohol, began in his mid-teens, and ended at the age of 22 with a 30-day program in a rehabilitation center.  


His life since has been one of recovery and search for deeper meaning through 12-step practice, metaphysical study, and more recently, remote energy work.  


Beginning in 2013, he continues study and training in remote energy processes under the guidance of Jona Bryndis, founder and owner of, and Jeff Casper, founder and owner of  


Roger currently holds certifcation as a level III transCOACH, Master of multiple remote energy modalities, and is Director of Remote Prayers at

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