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Emotionally Integrating Addictive Structure

By roger schwartz, Oct 13 2016 07:15AM

The inspiration for GRACE Recovery was a result of my own life experience with addiction, 30-day rehab, many years of active 12-step participation and more recently, the inclusion of remote energy work. A desire then arose, from what I had realized, to assist others who still may be longing for relief or simply feeling that there must be more, that our experience of life can indeed be one that includes more Serenity and true Freedom.

Even though my years of involvement in the 12-step fellowship have been some of the most beautiful and transformative years of my life, it became clear that for some unknown reason, there would always be a return of some of the more uncomfortable and even painful inner feelings and emotions that I had always sought escape from through substance.

Fear, anger, judgment, despair, and loneliness for example, can be even more painful after we've made choice to no longer bring ourselves to a state of numbness or distraction whenever we felt overwhelmed in our own skin.

I came to learn, through my experience here with transCODES, that indeed, there was a solution. Very interesting to me, was learning that it was my own ego that had an intense desire to hang on and re-empower the painful aspects that always seemed to be waiting and willing.

How very humbling, but empowering at the same time, to come to see that all the issues I would often whine about, remained by my own choice.

Another, and perhaps, the most significant key, was being shown that instead of being some imaginary external something or other, that might choose to bestow blessings upon me for being good, there was a true greater power, an energy that I was already a part of and could access at any time through connection to my own heart center....yes, right here inside! This was amazing to me and brought new hope as transformation became obvious once again.

It is through clearing the way to reconnect to this energy, the Source of All That Is, and returning to our Original State of connection to it, that we believe allows us to free ourselves from the effects of addictive structure.

Within this inner Higher Power, regardless of what label you assign to it, are some wondrous energies....Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, etc. Imagine what change can come when we reopen the way to our hearts and remember our ability to align to the resonance of any of these by choice.

Addictive structure can play out in many forms, including substance dependence or abuse, co-dependency and co-addiction and vary greatly in the level of expression in our lives.

In some of us, these issues are very obvious, but for many others, subtle or even hidden might best describe. Sometimes to discover the more subtle levels, we simply need observe, during distress or discomfort, to what we look for relief. Is it our Inner Higher Power, someone, some thing, or some activity outside of us?

This Remote Energy transMISSION modality is normally offered as individual session, but once per month also as group session. Through offering a group intensive I am really looking forward to the opportunity it will provide to initiate some very deep change over a short period of time. With six days between sessions, each will build upon the previous and there will also be time for processing and integration.

Even though GRACE Recovery is focused around addictive structure, its processes are by no means limited to those aspects and may be of benefit to anyone with desire to look at some of the deeper issues that may be temporarily hindering return to our Original State. We have received some very positive and sometimes surprising participant responses to this modality.

Each of the three sessions will have a different focus;

*Guilt and Shame - Recode programs and patterns behind these most debilitating energetic states and break the common guilt and shame cycle

*Karma - Reconcile, balance and integrate multiple kinds of karmic aspects through connection to our Sacred Heart

*Re-Covery - Redefine and uncover our Original State- the state of connection with our inner Divine Source or Higher Power- rediscover what we truly are

If you are ready for the challenge of Surrender, to open to a new beginning, we hope that you will join us in this GRACE Recovery Session!



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