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By roger schwartz, Oct 13 2016 07:15AM

The inspiration for GRACE Recovery was a result of my own life experience with addiction, 30-day rehab, many years of active 12-step participation and more recently, the inclusion of remote energy work. A desire then arose, from what I had realized, to assist others who still may be longing for relief or simply feeling that there must be more, that our experience of life can indeed be one that includes more Serenity and true Freedom.

Even though my years of involvement in the 12-step fellowship have been some of the most beautiful and transformative years of my life, it became clear that for some unknown reason, there would always be a return of some of the more uncomfortable and even painful inner feelings and emotions that I had always sought escape from through substance.

Fear, anger, judgment, despair, and loneliness for example, can be even more painful after we've made choice to no longer bring ourselves to a state of numbness or distraction whenever we felt overwhelmed in our own skin.

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