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By roger schwartz, Oct 13 2016 07:08AM

For much of our society, the word "addiction" brings to mind the hardcore drug user or the homeless alcoholic we often pass by on the street. However, many of us may have been guided to this type of work for there is often need to look further. The addictive structure that underlies many of the more obvious self-destructive behaviors commonly manifests in very subtle, but at best, still energetically destructive forms of dependency. Many of these dependencies are not only accepted by society in general, but also even regarded as "normal". One specific type that is often hidden in plain sight all around us is a dependency on others in one form or another.

It couldn’t see this until I realized, that apart from the obvious addictions I had recovered from I was still fostering an unexpected hidden addictive pattern – one that I could only heal through reconnecting with my heart and experiencing myself as my own Higher Power again

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