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With Roger Schwartz

Welcome to Recover Your Heart!


This website was inspired by my own personal journey of recovery from years of substance abuse and various dependencies and a resulting desire to assist others with what has been experienced and learned.


Among the many realizations along the way, one of the most significant and perhaps a missing key for many of us, was that our true Higher Power is very real and accessible in every moment, by way of connection through our heart center.  


It is my own belief that the misperception that we are separate from our Source energy, our true Inner Higher Power, has lead us to search for and at times come to depend upon others or things external to us in our longing for fulfillment and desire to return to wholeness.


For many of us, this externalized perspective has resulted in the development of views, beliefs and any number of often hidden patterns and programs that now may act as energetic clouds that stand between us and our hearts and reconnection with our Inner HIgher Power.


The services available here, basically, are tools that can assist in clearing the way to a return to our Original State of Oneness with our Source: Reclaim Your True Inner Higher Power!



Beyond dependency & addiction

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"Roger has shared his gift with me for several months now, and the effects on my life during that time have been profound.  So profound, in fact, that other people have noticed the change in me.  It's hard to succinctly describe what I've experienced, but if I had to say it in just a few words I'd compare it to a general feeling of calmness surrounding me like soft cottony clouds.  An acceptance of myself and others, and the world.  A trust in other things and in myself.  All of these things came about through the intense space of non-judgment that Roger's program created for me.  It's allowed me to become a better version of myself.  Having said that, it's not always rainbows and sunshine -- but healing and inner work rarely is.  Roger is honest about the struggles and the messiness, while being sympathetic yet encouraging.  He clearly cares about each individual and goes out of his way to help however he can."





"Roger has been a wonderful guide on my journey through energy healing! Embarking on such a journey with Roger as a cornerstone to the process has allowed me a safe space to explore imbalances as well as victories in my life to a depth I may not have delved alone. The whole process has been framed as just that – a process. For me, even this was a meaningful shift in perspective – normally I am a very “destination” oriented person, but this process has allowed me to savor the beauty and experience in day-to-day situations to an extent previously unrealized.


Roger never judges me or any process I need to go through in order to reach clarity or enlightenment in a given situation, and provides a listening ear that coaxes my own mind and subconscious into  developing solutions or reaching understandings that I require in order to further cultivate self-love and healing. His own experiences, coupled with his extensive energy work training, allow him to provide a canvas of understanding and support on which I can sketch my thought processes. This space is another helpful shift in perspective in order to take a step back from an issue or get to the root of a “symptom” of imbalance that I may be experiencing.


Thank you, Roger, for providing me the space and support to embark on this journey!"